Who? Mick Coll

Job? Guitars and technical wizardry


Playing the Download Festival was incredible. You often hear bands saying how special it is, and now I know it's true.

You gig up and down the country and in each city there are little pockets of people you get to recognise. At Download, looking out over the crowd you could see all of these people, from all over the country, all gathered in one place rocking out together. It was an amazing experience.

What we felt from the fans that day I hadn't felt before and haven't felt since. It was an overwhelming sense of pride, belief, relief... I don't know, but the swell of good will towards us was tangible. Truly amazing!

What Logan Means To Me

I believe people should follow their dreams.

Logan is my dream and the fact that I am still chasing it is very important to me. There is a saying that goes "The people crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones that do", and being in Logan is my little piece of crazy.

I believe as much today as I did ten years ago that we will find success as a band, and maybe that does make me crazy, but it also makes me happy.